CFD analysis for car parks is required to demonstrate that the proposed design is effective at removing pollution on a day to day basis or controlling and clearing smoke in the event of a fire. CFD analysis projects can include any of the acceptable methods to satisfy building regulations including natural ventilation, assisted natural ventilation and full mechanical ventilation systems.

Pollution Ventilation

Car parks need to have enough ventilation to avoid the build-up of pollution due to vehicle exhausts. Many car parks are open sided and rely on natural ventilation but where the available open area to outside is limited, mechanical ventilation is required to either assist or completely replace the natural ventilation. Building regulations part F detail the minimum requirements the pollution ventilation systems must meet and CFD analysis is used to assess overall ventilation rates and identify areas of poor ventilation.

Smoke Ventilation

Smoke ventilation systems are used to prevent smoke entering adjacent areas, to make conditions acceptable for firefighters and the provide clearance of smoke once the fire has been put out. Building regulations define minimum smoke ventilation system performance requirements.

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